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Why should you get acoustic advice for your project?

You should probably get some acoustic advice if you would like to build a dwelling near something noisy (e.g. major transport routes or industry), or are planning to build something which could have a noise impact on nearby residences (e.g. changes of use involving car parking, air-conditioning or other mechanical plant).

Considering noise issues early in the project can lead to balanced, thought-out solutions; which will save time, reduce cost, and improve the final outcome.

In the very early stages acoustic input can help determine the feasibility of a project site and provide an indication of the treatment requirements and potential cost.  Consideration of noise issues can also help with layout planning and making the best use of the landscape and potential noise fencing.

A noise assessment at the development application stage can provide Council and State Referral Agencies the information they need to quickly approve your project.  This can help avoid Requests for Information which slow the process and often require re-work in the design to alleviate these concerns.  Having a good consultant on your side can aid in negotiating development conditions and achieving a sensible outcome.

Acoustic advice at the building approval stage can help refine (and hopefully minimise) acoustic treatments for dwellings within Transport Noise Corridors, or for changes to the design in the building process (e.g. sizing and location of windows and doors).  This advice can give your Certifier the information they need to allow building works to commence, and to sign-off upon completion. 

If noise issues are a problem for your project, getting solid acoustic advice can save you the consultant’s fee many times over.