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Early Advice | Saccharomyces Beer Cafe | A-Weighting Corrections

Saccharomyces Beer Café is a brand new restaurant, café and bar based in South Bank, Brisbane. Specialising in locally sourced artisan and craft beers, the venue aims to provide an intimate atmosphere for conversation, dining and fine beer experiences.

The base design of the bar was built with acoustically reflective surface finishes (concrete, brick, and fibre cement sheeting), which was likely to result in large build-up of sound reflections with a slow decay of noise (known as reverberation).  High levels of reverberation can make speech communication difficult at distances greater than three metres and can significantly increase noise levels within the space.  This is a particular problem within bars and cafes as patrons tend to increase their vocal effort in response to increases in background noise level, making a positive feedback loop.

Dedicated Acoustics were commissioned by the bar to review the design and provide recommendations to alleviate this issue, while minimising costs and matching the proposed décor.  An acoustic model of the bar was developed and the impacts of a range of treatments were forecast and evaluated.  A perforated plasterboard ceiling treatment was selected for the worst affected areas of the fit out.  Early consideration of this issue allowed the treatments to be incorporated into the initial build, at no additional cost to the client.

Saccharomyces Beer Café is located on Fish Lane, South Bank.