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Noise Assessments

Development approvals often require noise assessments where sensitive uses located near noisy areas (e.g. busy roads, railways, industry, or airports) or where a proposed use can impact on neighbours; such as new industrial or commercial development within an area, increased population density from multi-unit blocks within residential area, or new/upgraded infrastructure such as road, railway or aircraft. Dedicated Acoustics use a fleet of reliable, calibrated, Rion NL-21 noise loggers.

An effective noise assessment can help speed up the Development Application process by providing Local and State Referral Agencies with the information they need to approve your project.  Dedicated Acoustics review the applicable planning codes and policies carefully, and liaise with the approval bodies to help obtain a sensible outcome for the development.  We can help design a range of acoustic treatments to achieve your acoustic goals simply and effectively.
The team at Dedicated Acoustics have significant experience undertaking:

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