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Queensland Development Code MP 4.4 (QDC MP 4.4)

Construction of new dwellings (or relocations, additions or renovations to existing ones) within road traffic and railway Transport Noise Corridors need to comply with QDC MP 4.4 at the Building Approval stage, and in some cases at the Development Approval stage.

QDC MP 4.4 nominates four categories of acoustic treatment based on the external noise levels around the dwelling.  Baseline noise categories for the property can be seen using the NAPmap Search Tool. The forecast levels within the search tool (and subsequent categories) do not take into account screening from topography, barriers and buildings; which can significantly reduce noise levels at the site, particularly at the rear of dwellings.

A Dedicated Acoustics QDC MP 4.4 noise assessment accurately predicts noise levels at the development site, leading to the lowest possible noise category being applied to your project.  We can also recommend alternative constructions to the QDC MP 4.4 deemed-to-satisfy constructions to meet your requirements.

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