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Occupational Noise Assessments

Employers have a duty of care to protect the hearing of their employees under the Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011 (WHSR 2011).  An unacceptable risk of hearing loss occurs at LAeq,8h 85 dB (equivalent energy average for an 8 hour workday) or LCpeak 140 dB for loud, sudden noises.  These levels may also become stricter when employees are exposed to hand-arm vibration or ototoxic chemicals (i.e. solvents, heavy metals, and asphyxiants).

A noise assessment is recommended when raised voices are required at close distances, hearing protectors are used, or workers notice changes in their hearing (e.g. diminished hearing during or after shifts, ringing in the ears, noise sounding different in each ear).  It is also advisable where impacting/explosive processes are used or if equipment labels show noise levels greater than LAeq 80 dB or LCpeak 130 dB.

Dedicated Acoustics can help by providing guidance, training and equipment to workplace health and safety staff within organisations to carry out in-house noise assessments for simple situations.  Alternately we can be engaged to undertake an occupational noise assessment should the situation be more complex, such as variations to shift lengths, changes in noise level due to worker movements, or assessment of hearing protection requirements.  We can also assist with developing engineering noise controls and noise management plans.

Equipment Noise Certification

Manufacturers, suppliers, importers and designers have a responsibility under WHSR 2011 to provide noise emission level information of plant, along with the operating conditions and methods used to determine these levels.

Dedicated Acoustics can undertake these measurements, in accordance with applicable standards, to meet these requirements.  We provide simple, concise reports which can be included in your documentation to assist the sale and supply of equipment

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